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Lady Vols vs. Texas A&M, 6 PM Eastern

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A game that has the potential to be the best matchup in the tournament, if both teams live up to potential.

Mean shot distance tonight: 17 feet.
Mean shot distance tonight: 17 feet.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

TV / Feed:  SECN / WatchESPN

Radio:  As Mickey pens sonnets to the 18-foot two.

Abomination:  Only a ref can't see how ugly this is.

During the regular season, the overtime loss to Texas A&M was sandwiched between three solid wins over Alabama, Arkansas, and Vanderbilt.  (Yeah, bottom end of the SEC tournament, but still better than what happened at the end of the season.  The point is that Tennessee was doing relatively decent at the time.)  UT had what should have been an insurmountable lead, but stone cold shooting an da dubious foul call gave A&M the momentum to tie and to contorl overtime.

This time, the game's on a neutral court that will likely have rather Tennessee-centric.  Not only will Lady Vols fans be the majority, but MSU fans will probably prefer to see A&M get bounced before their game against Vanderbilt.  (Speaking of which, lolGeorgia.)

As far as Tennessee's odds: they looked better against Arkansas, but it still wasn't particularly pretty.  The first half was great, but the third quarter turned into a bit of a slog, and it looked like Arkansas was ready to go home in the final 10 minutes.  Still, a 17/10 A/TO off of 25 made shots is pretty good.  the 4-21 (!!) from three needs addressed; if you're going to take that many threes, you really need to be more accurate with them.  Also, an eleven foul night in a Mattingly game is always a good sign.

Prediction: 65-59 Tennessee. Why not go homer?