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LINKS: Who is the real UT?

Blatant clickbait, fantasy football, and NCAA rulings everywhichaway: It's your Tuesday links!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday is for Trollbait!

  • Good morning! Never let is be said that I will stand by as the great state of Tennessee might be profaned in the sight of the nations. Quit with your deceptive Reddit propaganda, School of The Gross Orange. 

  • If you're still in the mood for arbitrary internet things to be mad about, SBN's Bill Connelly posted his retrospective of the 1998 season, where his S&P+ system ranks Tennessee as the 4th-best college football program that year, behind tOSU, FSU, and Kansas State. That may well be accurate! But while I think most here are interested in and willing to lend credence to S&P+ and the other Football Outsiders-derived metrics, I do think it's worth pointing out that in absence of either the formula or the underlying data for those metrics, they fundamentally have all the credibility of the Reddit poll above (though less of the charm, tbh).  

  • Lady Vols Evidently Kyra Elzy's recruiting maybe was a factor in her departure, as HC Holly Warlick's priorities for a new assistant start with recruiting. Elsewhere, ESPN's Mechelle Voepel takes a look at Tyler Summitt's background and recent downfall.

  • Fantasy Stuff As you've probably heard, last week Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery released an opinion arguing all fantasy sports constitute gambling, including traditional season-long draft leagues, not just daily-fantasy operations. Presumably in response, the Tennessee House finance subcommittee approved a measure aimed at taxing fantasy sports while formally allowing the practice legally.

  • NCAA The NCAA's new rule to ban satellite camps has met with a decidedly mixed reaction nationwide. Former players are finally starting to receive settlement checks for the $60 million EA settlement. In a rare show of sanity, the NCAA has approved a 3-year moratorium on new bowl games (DogeCoinBowl, we hardly knew ye).

Happy Tuesday!