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LINKS: 4 Numbers You Need To Know

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The 2016 class gets their numbers, a teenage Steve Spurrier, and the NCAA getting (even more) rich: it's the Wednesday links!

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Wednesday is for Math

  • 18: the number of new jersey numbers for the 2016 signing class Tennessee unveiled Tuesday. Notable ones to store away: #1 Jonathan Kongbo (meaning Kahlil McKenzie will also be getting a new number, apparently), #2 Jarrett Guarantano, #18 Nigel Warrior, #9 Marquez Callaway, and #15 Tyler Byrd. GVX has the full list here.

  • 1,000: the amount of damage, in dollars, Georgia freshman football players Julian Rochester and Chad Clay are accused of doing to their dorm with a BB gun (which, like, really?). The pair ended up spending about 12 hours in Clarke County jail and are each accused of two felonies (which, also, like, really?):

    ...[A] warrant was granted, and further investigation of the room found: A total of 12 BB "indentions" on the refrigerator and freezer; several more indentions in the drywall behind the refrigerator; a "great deal" of broken glass on top of the refrigerator; "several" BB indentions on the fronts of six wooden cabinets in the kitchen.
    Was a slow day down at the precinct, I guess?

  • '64: the year Tennessee hired Doug Dickey, which was a year too late for a teenage Steve Spurrier (heckuva thought, that), who wasn't interested in the '63 Vols' single-wing offense. Instead, Spurrier, who grew up a Vols fan, went to Florida, won the Heisman, and then came back to torture us all for 20 years. In honor of his upcoming award, Jimmy Hyams has a pretty funny writeup on the whole story here:
    "I was never any good at football," Spurrier said. "My high school buddies said, ‘Steve, you’ll quit football when you get to be a sophomore or junior in high school because you’re not any good at football.’ "

    Did that motivate Spurrier?

    "No, they were just telling the truth," Spurrier said. "I agreed with them."

  • ONE BILLION DOLLARS: the amount the NCAA will make annually from CBS for the broadcast rights to March Madness after signing an 8-year, $8.8 billion dollar extension to their existing deal. Fake Bo beat me to it:

Happy Wednesday!