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Orange and White Game Live Thread

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Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Team 120 takes its first public steps at 2:00 PM ET today with the 2016 Orange and White Game, the end of Tennessee's spring practice and the continuation of that good old fashioned championship hype.

We're not sure how many of the pieces of a hypothetical championship run will be on display today, or how much of an actual game we'll get to see. Though the official site promises "the traditional spring practice format", no rosters have been released and we're unsure exactly how much 11-on-11 action we'll get.  When we do see it, we've got another wacky scoring formula this year from the official release:

  • +/- Four Yards: 1 point
  • Big Play (TFL, Sack, +16 yards): 3 points
  • Defensive Turnover: 7 points
  • One-on-One Situations: 1 point
  • The One-on-One Situations are sure to include the Circle of Life and some WR/DB action. We've also seen throwing competitions in Butch Jones' fall open practices, and of course there's a special announcement promised at halftime.

    If you can't make it to Neyland Stadium today, join us in the comments below. You can watch the game live on the SEC Network, also available online at WatchESPN. You can also listen online via the Vol Network.