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LINKS: Is Tennessee Tight End U?

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A New Lady Vol assistant, Tennessee TE U, and a VFL NBA update: It's the Wednesday links!

Yknow his sister is that girl from the first season of Glee. Really.
Yknow his sister is that girl from the first season of Glee. Really.
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Wednesday is for VAAAAAYCAAAYYYY

  • Lady Vols Morning! As mentioned in prior DAILY LINKS, former Lady Vol player and current LV associate head coach Kyra Elzy was released last week. In her stead, Holly Warlick has hired Sharrona Reaves, formerly of West Virginia, to fill the assistant role. Reaves also takes on the role of recruiting coordinator

  • As much as we may all want the Willie Gault & Co.-derived title of "Wide Receiver U", an underappreciated side of Tennessee football is our domination of elite tight end talent- as Jason Witten, Mychal Rivera, and Luke Stocker can all attest

  • NBA Vols After what is his seriously mind-blowing SEVENTH FIFTH YEAR IN THE LEAGUE, VFL Tobias Harris had a fairly whateves introduction to the NBA playoffs, shooting 4/11 for 9 with 10 RB in 40 minutes in a loss to the sleepwalk-monster Cavs on Sunday. VFL rookie Josh Richardson shot 3/11 for 8 in 34 minutes as the Heat overtook the Hornets the same night.

    Really though, guys, I'm on VAAAAACAAAY til end of next week- but I hope yall are enjoying these posts. The whole goal of this feature is to save everybody some clicking and deliver the best, most relevant-y Vols news to you in a single (and hopefully entertaining) place.

    I've been having a lot of fun writing these things, but we're def still feeling this out- so, please, get in on the ground floor now (before football season starts, ::ahem::) and let us know what kind of stories you appreciate (or don't!). More recruiting news? Fewer weird memes (haha not gonna happen)? More around-the-SEC stories? More baseball/softball/rowing/volleyball/calvinball news? Let us know!

    These dailies are THE PEOPLE'S LINKS, so, please, if you have an idea, opinion, or NCAA complaint, drop it in the comments or hit me up at my twitter. I will seriously consider it. Over my Pina Colada. 

    Happy Wednesday!