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LINKS: Scrimmages, Recruiting Nuggets & Important Pasta Issues

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The Vols LIVE in Neyland, recruiting heating up, basevols struggle, a poll, and more (actually a lot today): it's your Monday MEGALINKS!

We really should make the scrimmage losers dress up like Vandy, that'd be funny, right?
We really should make the scrimmage losers dress up like Vandy, that'd be funny, right?
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

MONDAY (๑◕︵◕๑)

  • Good morning! Tennessee held its second scrimmage on Saturday in Neyland stadium, with the offense taking it pretty easily, at least according to Josh Dobbs: 
    "Last week we had to wait (for the film review) ‘cause it came down to literally the last play," Dobbs said. "It was a close game. I think we won by one or two points. But this time we won handily, by 15 points.
    247 has a full report here. Saturday was also the annual Student Appreciation Day and Family Day (which are both on the same day, I guess?). Esteemed attendees included VFLs Eric Berry, Ramon Foster and Reggie McKenzie, and it looks pleasant:

  • Also in at Neyland were two of Butch Jones' top 2017 targets, 247 3* Princeton Fant (WR) and 247's No.47th-ranked Maleik Gray (ATH), both of LaVergne, TN. They came dressed like this, which can't be a bad thing:

  • The nation's No.1 overall athlete Jacoby Stevens listed his top 7 programs, in order, on Sunday, including Tennessee (we came in 5th).

  • Both the Tennessee baseball and softball teams were also in action this weekend. Despite a tight few opening innings, Tennessee's baseball squad fell Sunday to No.12 Kentucky 10-2, giving the Wildcats the series, 2-1.  Meanwhile, the No.16 (Lady?) Vols (... the softball one) also struggled, leaving 11 runners on base and eventually losing 7-3 to No. 15 Mizzou, also sealing that series in non-Vol favor. 

  • In case you missed it in the avalanche of coaching changes this offseason, earlier in the year Georgia's new coach Kirby Smart hired our own late-lamented former coaches Jim Chaney (OC) and Sam Pittman (OL). In an interview with DawgNation over the weekend, Derek Dooley offered a ringing endorsement of the pair (seriously, though, who thinks, "I know, let's call up Derek Dooley, I bet he has some penetrating football insights"?).

  • VFL Josh Richardson's Miami Heat clinched a birth to the NBA playoffs on Saturday with the Bulls' loss to the Pistons, but more importantly, in the pregame to his matchup that night, he raised an important point. I haven't consulted the other RTT editors on this, but I feel confident saying this publication is prepared to fully endorse this take: