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LINKS: Vandy Basketball Has a New Coach

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Saying goodbye to the Tournament, machinations in Nashville, and a pile of football links: it's Tuesday.

Looks legit.
Looks legit.
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Tuesday is for A#SAD*^GDCTD(&*$G%HRTHATSHOT!!1!!!!!!!!!!1

  • What's been a fairly crazypants NCAA tournament came to an even crazypants-ier end last night as Villanova knocked off UNC on a literal last-second, from-downtown, everything-on-the-line, crowd-goes-wild, everybody's-crying three pointer by Kris Jenkins:

    That was crazy, yall.

  • In other news about guys that made insane tournament miracle shots, reports "100 percent confirmed" surfaced Monday evening that Valparaiso coach Bryce Drew (wiki) would be named the new coach at Vanderbilt, after a deal is finalized. Drew's Crusaders(30-7) were runners-up in this year's NIT. Start working on those nicknames, gang.

  • Football Odds & Ends
    Brad over at BR has an excellent spring practice week 3 recap, while Gridiron Now lists G Dylan Wiesman and DT Danny O'Brien as Tennessee's two underrated players for 2016. In recruiting, '19 prospect Cameron Wynn (Hudl) of Notre Dame HS (Chattanooga) attended Saturday's practice at Neyland and is feeling the love. In "Things You Probably Didn't Want To Know," Tennessee evidently spent $1,439,763 going to the Outback Bowl earlier this year, and brought in $1,455,450, netting a cool $15,687 (::cough::)
Happy Tuesday!