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LINKS: How Vols Football is Looking for Improvement

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Butch and company looking to make strides, some really top-notch videos (really!), and a peak-offseason poll! It's your midweek roundup.

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Wednesday, the one we're hoping improves

  • There are five more practices to go in spring practice, and (happily!) coach Butch Jones is focusing on clutch-situation playmaking:
    "It's all about composure, too, in competitive situations. We're searching for those 25 points, which we talk about, but it's making clutch plays and being clutch players."
    Which seems like, y'know, a solid thing to focus on (::ahem::). In other news, the injury bug continues to bite, as Sophmore DE Austin Smith sustained a shoulder injury last week and is expected to be out til June. TFP has a full writeup of yesterday's practice.

    Meanwhile Rucker at 247 has an interview with Josh Dobbs, discussing the improvements in the passing game he's looking to make next season. Maybe so! Here's an excellent video of WR Josh Smith:

  • SBNation's SEC blog Team Speed Kills has an interesting writeup on why UCF was smart to hire former Oregon OC Scott Frost, and on the changing distribution of spread-focused teams in the SEC.

  • This is a very important video you should probably watch right now:

  • Finally (like you needed me to tell you this) UConn defeated Syracuse 82-51 last night to claim the NCAA championship, and I should point out the historicwitnessinggreatnessblahblahblahblahcongrats Huskies :|

    Now, normally I would tell you something about that game, but I didn't watch it, because instead I watched a Lifetime movie in which the love-interest/but-is-he-really-the-villain (he wasn't, turns out) was named- and this is not a joke- Carlo Rossi. Which leads to our question of the day- supposing you had to flee Italy and start a new life under an assumed name (bear with me here, it make sense in the movie), what is the best sub-$20 alcohol to name yourself after?