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LINKS: Vols Climb into Preseason Top 10

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A new basketball transfer, preseason hype continues, and important possum news: it's your Tuesday links!

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Tuesday- sounds about right

  • Morning gang. We mentioned last week that Rick Barnes was contemplating filling the roster sport opened by Ray Kasongo's transfer, and lo-and-behold, it looks that he has. Per ESPN, Utah State graduate transfer Lew Evans has committed to Tennessee. Evans, a 6-9, 230-pound native of Salt Lake City, is apparently a sort of collegiate journeyman, having previously attended Casper College and Tulsa prior to his two-year stint at Utah State. He average 8.4 points, 5.6 rebounds and shot 41.2% from the field last year with the Aggies.

  • In rather unshocking news, it appears Butch Jones isn't a fan of 7-on-7 drills, though he lists injury concerns as his primary rationale, not a distaste for suddenly being obliged to have his quarterbacks throw at non-tight-end-shaped targets.

  • SI's Stewart Mandel has released his post-spring top 25, where Tennessee has climbed to 8th, just behind Oklahoma and just ahead of THE Ohio State. Alabama takes the top spot, because duh. We have no idea what happened between January and now that would have changed his projections (which previously had us 11th), but hey, gift horse/mouth/etc.  

  • Referent to the interminable offseason wargarble about satellite camps: Michigan has decided it will hold 26 separate camps, because reasons. 

  • In possum news: at the Arkansas-LSU basball game Saturday, this happened:

    LSU, down 9-4, rallied and ultimately won the game. #RallyPossum started on twitter, and now there are no less than two official LSU Possum twitter accounts. This has been your possum news.
Happy Tuesday!