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LINKS: Yet More Terrifying Video of Jalen Hurd

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Satellite camp details are emerging, softball awards are announced, and Hurd is going to give us all a heart attack before the season starts: it's the Wednesday links.

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Wednesday, the worst day

  • Morning yall! Continuing along with the offseason SPORTS STORY THAT WILL NOT DIE, Butch Jones confirmed the details yesterday for Tennessee's first two planned satellite recruiting camps, at Tennessee State's Hale Stadium and Georgia State's football complex in Atlanta. Expect more to come. Said Jones:
    "We’re still kind of in the infant stage, so to speak, of putting together our satellite camps and what camps we’ll work. It has opened a lot of things up in terms of satellite camps and the new rules [...] It’s ever-changing and I’ll see how it goes."

  • In other vaguely football-news-related-product, Jones confirmed at the Big Orange Caravan (BOC!) in Chattanooga, which I guess has been going on for like a week, that the smokey grey uniforms debuted against Georgia will return next year.

  • Tennessee currently has seven commitments in the '17 class, good for 31st nationally in the 247 composite, but are obviously chasing quite a few more, including some highly-coveted prospects. 247 put together a slideshow (NOT COOL, 247) of some Tennessee prospects to keep an eye on, if you're into that sort of thing.

  • Softball postseason honors were announced yesterday, and sophomore shortstop Meghan Gregg was named first-team All-SEC. Other Vol honorees include the inimitable Rainey Gaffin (second-team All-SEC, first-team All-SEC defensive team) and All-Freshman team members Matty Moss (P), Aubrey Leach (2B), and Brook Vines (OF). ヽ(´▽`)/

  • I'm really starting to wonder if the strength program should have like a safety protocol or something:

I'd say happy Wednesday, but Wednesday is terrible.