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LINKS: Athlon and Feldman Accept Inevitable, List Vols Top 10

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More hype!, roster updates, and Vols softball in the NCAA tournament: it's your Wednesday links!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
  • Morning, all. As I_S noted yesterday, despite there being more than three months until anything resembling unadulterated football product alighting itself upon our eyeballs, preseason hype has reached something we could fairly call a crescendo- over the last few days both Athlon and Bruce Feldman have joined the party and listed Tennessee in their preseason Top 10s (at nos. 7 and 8, respectively). How this increased scrutiny will effect the still-young Vols is anybody's guess, a point presumably not lost on Butch Jones:
    Luckily, Jones' choice offensive coordinator Mike Debord has some experience leading highly-touted teams and shaking off opening-day jitters.

  • Roster Updates The seemingly never-ending Big Orange Caravan (BOC!) took a stop in Bristol Tuesday night, and Butch Jones, happily, reported that defensive linemen Derek Barnett, Kendal Vickers, and Kyle Phillips were all back to full speed, while Shy Tuttle's recovery continues to progress. Meanwhile, JR center Coleman Thomas has been named to the 2016 Remington Trophy Watch List.

  • Softball Sunday the Vols were announced as the no.13 overall seed and a Regional host in the upcoming NCAA Tournament, and will begin their tournament Friday against Marist (7EST, ESPN2) at Sherri Parker Lee Stadium. Due to her non-throwing arm fracture in the SEC Tournament, SR Rainey Gaffin has been ruled out of this weekend's action, but will be evaluated on a week-to-week basis.

  • So this is craaaaazy late- Josh Richardson's Heat lost their series to the Raptors over the weekend (who have already shambled through a shellacking in game 1 against the Cavs, actually, that's how late this is) but DONT CARE JOSH RICHARDSON
Happy Wednesday!