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LINKS: Tennessee v. Virginia Tech 'Battle at Bristol' Sold Out

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Jalen Hurd touted as a Heisman sleeper, scientifically determining Tennessee's worst play, and man, that 150,000 went fast: it's your Thursday links!

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Whatever, I didn't want to do to your stupid biggest college football game ever, anyways.
Whatever, I didn't want to do to your stupid biggest college football game ever, anyways.
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Thursday, the day I remember it's really hard to keep coming up with daily taglines

  • Morning famalam. It's hype week here at RTT, which is troubling because we have fifteen more weeks to fill up until football starts, but hey, whatevs, here's an article from ESPN listing Jalen Hurd as a sleeper Heisman candidate:
    Hurd is a beast. Have you seen the video of him running 23.1 mph on a treadmill? Ridiculous. The 6-4, 240-pound junior is an athletic marvel with the ability to run with power and speed, as well as catch the football. Think of him as the SEC's version Christian McCaffrey.
    We're seriously going to have an ulcer before September.

  • In a ruling Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Bruce Guyton added attorneys' fees totaling a bit over $462,000 to the $750,000 the University of Tennessee has already agreed to pay in settlement for the 2012 federal gender pay discrimination and retaliation lawsuit brought by former associate director of sports medicine Jenny Moshak and former Lady Vol strength coaches Heather Mason and Collin Schlosser. 

  • Sorry, folks: Mike Strange yesterday reported that all 150,000 tickets to September 10th's Battle at Bristol between Tennessee and Virginia Tech are sold out, soooooo if you don't have tickets, why not spend the game here, at RTT dot com, where the tickets are never sold out and never fake. Your dad's a genius! 

    As noted earlier, there's waaaaay too much time to fill up until football, so why not make up a likely-never-repeated weekly feature to kill time, you might ask? Excellent idea, we'd say. So here's your question for the day: what's your absolute least favorite play in the current Tennessee playbook? Here's some suggestions to get you started:

Happy Thursday!