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LINKS: What's the worst part of cheering for the Vols?

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A highly scientific poll headlines your Thursday links.

wait can i change the poll I know the answer now
wait can i change the poll I know the answer now
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Thursday Means 99 97 Days.

  • Morning folks. Just in case you were wondering if the pressure will flag at all before next season: ESPN's Chris Low and Adam Rittenberg yesterday listed September 24th's Florida-Tennessee game as the highest-stakes game of the season
    Butch Jones has been steadily building back Tennessee's program, and his roster certainly looks the part with returning playmakers and experience. But the reality is that Florida has found a way to win this game over the years, and Tennessee has found a way to lose it. If the Vols don't change that trend this season in Knoxville, there will be massive avalanche on Rocky Top.

  • Meanwhiles, the CFBMatrix guy was on Finebaum and wasn't having it:
    So, y'know, diff'rent strokes.

  • As we all know, Tennessee moved the Appalachian State season opener last week to September 1. This I guess made Chattanooga's athletic director David Blackburn mad, because they invented starting the season on a Thursday and don't want competition, or something:
    If Yr IntrsD,GridFe nw hz t ComPlet Thred ovR heRe.

  • Tennessee baseball may be out of SEC tournament, but folks did it right:

  • Today in the millennials doings interweb things on their tindergramaphones: truly, if we can't trust people on Snapchat, who can we trust?

  • Why, it's STEALCONTENTFROMREDDIT THURSDAY again! Please direct yourselves in an orderly fashion to the handy poll below:
Happy Thursday!