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Tennessee Football Preseason Magazine Available Now Online, in Stores 6/3

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All Vols. No Ads.

Rocky Top Tennessee 2016
Rocky Top Tennessee 2016
Bryan Lynn, LC Action Photos

Our annual Tennessee Football preseason magazine should hit the shelves all over Tennessee and in select cities in 10 other states a week from today. (It was originally scheduled for today, but a certain shipping carrier missed its deadline last Thursday, which put us at the front of this week's cycle instead of the back of last week's. C'est la vie.)

But you can still get it right now, by ordering it directly from us online at Gameday Depot. Shipping is free, so you won't pay any more for the convenience of having it delivered right to your door. Oh, you can also get a combo magazine and official RTT T-Shirt if you wish, an option not available in stores.

What's in it?

As we emphasize every year, this is the only college football preseason magazine that is All Vols and No Ads.

  • 17 pages of position previews
  • A 4-page feature on Bob Shoop's defense
  • 10 pages on the new recruits for this year
  • The favorites, contenders, and long shots for the championship based on Team Talent Rankings
  • A 10-page recap of the 2015 season (makes a great archive for the future)
  • A 4-page feature on Special Teams
  • A 4-page tone-setting preview of the upcoming season
  • 20 pages of previews of every Vols' opponent in 2016
  • A 4-page feature on the Battle at Bristol
  • A 7-page Top 25 list with blurbs on every team
  • A 3-page feature on Peyton Manning's 10 best games at Tennessee

We always appreciate your support every year. Go Vols.