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LINKS: SEC East or Bust for Butch?

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Football expectations piling up from all corners, and Peyton staying retired (FOR NOW!) - it's your daily links!

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Wednesday is for Expectations

  • The Hype is Coming - FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE Morning! We're 121 days until football season starts, so, uh, guess it's time to ratchet up the hype? New defensive coordinator Bob Shoop doesn't seem particularly bothered about setting expectations:
  • Love the confidence! And 2016 addition Jonathan Kongbo (formerly the nation's top-ranked JUCO defensive end) seems like a fine young man with worthy and righteous opinions
    "I just kind of laughed at it because I know we’re going to beat Florida," Kongbo said. "I know we’re going to beat Alabama. We’re going to beat all those teams. So I’ll say right now, we’re going to beat every team we play next year. "

  • Brad Shepard over at BR offers a lengthy (and solid) look at realistic expectations for Tennessee in 2016. Spoiler alert: he's calling 11-3, with a SEC title game appearance (well- loss, actually) and a major bowl win. What say ye, RTT?

  • I know what the like 200 bloggers over at Gridiron Now say, because they wrote an article about it: Should Butch Jones be fired if Tennessee doesn't win the SEC East? They mostly say "no," although a few said yes, presumably so that the whole exercise doesn't look like a thinly-veiled attempt at drumming up clicks. That would be shameless, truly.

  • One expectation we're probably going to have to let go is that of hearing the dulcet tones of Peyton Manning alongside Jon Gruden yelling about grinding: according to NBC Sports, Manning has told TV networks he's not interesting in moving to the broadcast booth

Happy Wednesday!