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LINKS: 5* WR Lists Vols as Favorites

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SEC spring meetings and Kenny Chesney: it's your Wednesday links.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports
  • Morning yall. SEC spring meetings began in Sandestin yesterday, and in the wake of the recent revelations at Baylor, day one questions unsurprisingly focused on the problem of on-campus sexual violence, and specifically on any parallels to be found between Baylor's situation and the ongoing Title IX lawsuit against Tennessee- a notion which Butch Jones was quick to refute:
    "I'm not into comparisons. All I can speak on is the University of Tennessee. I feel strongly as does everyone in our organization that we've done the right things. I'm proud of the culture that we've built. We've tried to do everything the right way from everyone in our organization. I feel strongly about what we have at the University of Tennessee, what we've build and what we will continue to build as well."
    Further topics discussed included the potential expansion of the current league policy governing transfers, which currently does not allow incoming transfers for players with histories of domestic violence, to additionally block any players with a violent criminal past of any kind from transferring into the league.

  • 247 5* WR (#1 WR, #7 Overall) and former Tennessee commit Tee Higgins of Oak Ridge announced his top five choices in order Monday night, with Tennessee in the lead.

  • Jalen Hurd is much taller than DeMarco Murray:

    Good talk wit DeMarco nd big bro @j_henley23

    A photo posted by Jalen Hurd (@jayhurd1) on

  • Kenny Chesney will I guess be performing at the Battle at Bristol, presumably in recognition of his longstanding and abiding love of wearing hats.

Happy Wednesday!