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LINKS: What Will Be Tennessee Football's Biggest Weakness Next Season?

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Your Thursday poll, Jimmy Cheek retirement and reactions, WR Vincent Perry ruled ineligible, and more: it's your Thursday links!

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  • Morning folks. In what's probably the biggest news of the week, UT Chancellor Jimmy Cheek announced his retirement on Tuesday, calling his time at Tennessee "the best and most enjoyable job of my career." Reaction has largely been muted, but the News-Sentinel has a look at his sometimes embattled 8-year career at Tenenssee, while Gridiron Now makes a few guesses as to how his replacement may evaluate the performance of AD Dave Hart. Cheek will remain as Chancellor until a new hire is made.

  • Vols wide reciever Vincent Perry, who redshirted last year, has been ruled academically ineligible for the upcoming season and will forfeit his scholarship, Butch Jones confirmed to 247 Wednesday. He will, however, remain on the team as a walk-on with a chance to earn his way back to a scholarship, Jones said. 

  • VFL and key member of the legendary 39-0 '98 Lady Vols team Semeka Randall has joined Wright State as an assistant to coach Katrina Merriweather. Prior to joining the Wright State staff, Randall served as head coach of the Alabama A&M and Ohio University women's basketball programs.

  • The SEC announced its first coordinator of video replay yesterday in Ben Oldham, a veteran referee who has acted as a replay official in six SEC championship games. Hope he remembered to delist his number?

    We've talked a ton about how good everybody is expecting Tennesee to be this season (quite good!), but what weaknesses do we all see this team as potentially having? We rather expect the most popular answer will be Dobb's percieved struggles in downfield passing, so it's on the list, though we genuinely think a lot of that is playcalling (also on the list). Despite reeling in a number of highly touted receivers over the last few years, the roster appears alarmingly thin at that spot. We also have a new (though widely celebrated) defensive coordinator, which can be a lil tricky. And maybe all this hype is not the best medicine for a still-young team lacking in experience winning against higher-level opponents. What yall think?

Happy Thursday!