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LINKS: Which SEC Team is Being Underrated?

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You know we're wrong about somebody. That and schedule clarifications, ESPN's final preseason top 25, and a Justin Fuente interview in Thursday's links.

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  • Morning folks. We're 83 days until kickoff, and the 2016-17 Vols schedule is solidifying- late Tuesday firm times and broadcast schedules were announced for Tennessee's first three games):
    • Thu, Sept. 1 7:30PM Appalachian State at Tennessee SECN
    • Sat, Sept. 10 8PM Battle At Bristol (Bristol) Vols vs. Virginia Tech ABC
    • Sat, Sept. 17 12PM Ohio at Tennessee SECN

  • In case you were curious, a study conducted by UT has determined Tennessee's athletic department generated $618m and 6,500 jobs in economic impact for Knox County, and $464m and 4,456 jobs for the state. One might question an entity's reliability in reporting its own relative worth to its audience, but to us that seems as unreasonable as questioning AIRBNB's unparalleled opportunities to let you live like a local in any destination, AT&Ts unrivaled coverage and call clarity, or ROCKY TOP TENNESSEE's ability to deliver you the finest sports journalism in the history of the humanity. So only a crazy person would do that, is what we're saying.

  • Mark Schlabach at ESPN has released his final preseason top 25, in which Tennessee places 10th. Alabama unsurprisingly tops the list, with Clemson, Michigan(?), Florida State and Oklahoma rounding out the top 5.

  • Gobbler Country (impressively) has nabbed an interview with Virginia Tech's new coach Justin Fuente, focusing on his transition from the Memphis job and the upcoming Battle at Bristol.

  • The Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos were honored in Washington this week, which gave President Obama the chance to make some reasonably funny dad jokes about Peyton Manning:

    Which SEC teams do you think are underrated going into the 2016 season? I'm going to throw out the always-talent-stacked Bulldogs and a BERT Arkansas team that's seemed primed to do- I dunno, something- for a couple years. I could also see current afterthoughts Auburn making a run, just on account of having an unhinged, bespectacled warlock as a coach. Thoughts?

Happy Thursday!