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LINKS: Vols at SEC Media Days

Vols SEC Media Days TV schedule, Day 1 details, recruiting news and more: it's your Tuesday links!

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Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports
  • Morning folks! It's the mot wonderful time of the year, for people who have to put out daily college football content in July: SEC Media DaysCBS has a listicle of Day 1, which I'll summarize to save you the click: the SEC has a new motto, "It Just Means More" (which, sure, why not, whatever), and Florida linebacker Jarrad Davis got a 'lil salty:

    Congrats! You're caught up. As for Day 2 (Iove how we capitalize these, like it's the Battle of Manassas or something): the Tennessean has a breakdown of 5 storylines to watch. COUNTERPOINT: SEC Media Days is a stupid exercise with no storylines to watch except everyone hoping somebody says something stupid.

    COUNTER-COUNTER-POINT: Just saying, if SBNation ever needs somebody to, y'know, just swing on down there to Birmingham and take a gander, maybe have a couple drinks, whatever, give us an expense account, only reasonable stuff, obviously, we're not made of money- LINKS thinks it is possibly the most fascinating meeting since the Treaty of Versailles. 

    Butch Jones and the Vols are expected to begin their slot at 2PM EST on SEC Network.

  • Butch and company added yet another recruit Saturday in Huntington, WV OT Riley Locklear (247 3*, No. 73 OT). That brings Tennessee's haul to 11th nationally, per 247, in a starting-to-look-congested 18-man 2017 class.

  • MOAR AWARD LISTS Vols senior Dylan Wiesman was named to the Outland Trophy watch list for best interior lineman, and Cam Sutton was named to a major award list (again!) by being included in the 39-member Jim Thorpe Award watchlist.

  • If it's Tuesday, it's POSSUM NEWS
    It has come to DAILY LINKS' attention that some of you may be playing a dangerous new game. Perhaps the most dangerous game:

    As a conference-wide respected expert in the field, DAILY LINKS feels it our duty to caution our readers strenuously regarding the dangerous natures of these creatures. PLEASE, before you or your children approach a CP:??? WILD OPPOSSUM, be aware they are nocturnal, often feint and are poison-type immune. They also like garbage. Only with knowledge and verve will you be the very best there ever was.
Happy Tuesday!