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Butch Jones Stays the Course at SEC Media Days

Lots of coachspeak, plenty of expectations.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Our fearless leader and king of coachspeak didn’t disappoint today:

The word cloud from the transcript of Jones’ time at the podium today:

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It’s what you’d expect: football! Tennessee! Butch loves saying, “I think...” and loves things that are great. We hope the Vols are among them this season.

Individual and individuals combined for eight appearances in Jones’ time today. Things that did not appear: Florida, other than in the context of saying Josh Dobbs didn’t even make the travel squad to Gainesville as a freshman in September 2013 and was starting by November. Also Jones mostly stayed away from championship talk other than to say the media is generally bad at picking them and, “The teams that end up competing for championships in November are the teams that can handle the natural adversities that a long football season brings about.”

Jones also had to spend very little time talking about the Title IX lawsuit, though I thought he answered well when he did:

It wasn’t an exciting or even particularly informative day at the podium; the news that Shy Tuttle is expected to be 50-75% at the start of fall camp is probably the biggest news takeaway. It’s what we’ve come to expect from our head coach. But the atmosphere around the content affirms we’re all ready to expect much more from Tennessee this fall.