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LINKS: Pat Summitt Celebration of Life Schedule and Details

Details about today's service in Knoxville celebrating Pat Summitt, Tennessee at SEC Media Days breakdowns, and more: it's your Thursday links!

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Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

  • Morning folks. The Pat Summitt Celebration of Life service will be held tonight at 7PM EST at Thompson Bowling. Admission is free, and doors will open at 5:30. The service will also be televised on ESPN2 and the SEC Network. If you're on the way down, you might also take a stop and check out The Rock:

  • The newly-minted TenneFavorites at SEC Media Days were basically exactly as anodyne as you'd expect, but folks got quotas to fill, so: herehere and here are some studious breakdowns of the giant pile of nothing Butch and company said Tuesday. If you're dead-set on reading a recap, probably the best something-from-nothing article I've seen is Brad's at BR

  • Patrick Brown at the the Times Free Press had a quick Media Days interview with our beloved former  coordinator Jim Chaney, now at Georgia. LINKS isn't particularly worried about the dawgs this year, but here's hoping they'll replace him in a fit with a Del Rio after they go 8-5 and rank 12th in offensive efficiency.

  • As much as we all value recruiting data (we're Tennessee, it's what we do!), this should be of some interest: Scout appears to be in substantial turmoil, having fired their chairman Jim Heckman for cause. Additionally, apparently the entire product and engineering teams have also resigned, and there seem to be substantial financial problems, to the point of missing payroll payments and initiating layoffs. See Awful Announcing for the full story.
Happy Thursday!