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LINKS: Vegas Lists Vols as Strong Favorites to Win the SEC East

Bovada releases conference odds, Vols make a strong showing in preseason awards shortlists, and compiling a college football tradition bucket list: it's your Thursday links!

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
  • Morning folks! Bovada posted their preseason conference odds yesterday, and Tennessee is heavily favored to win the East at 4/5, ahead of Georgia (2/1) and Florida (9/2). Alabama stands at 4/5 to take the West, and are also favored (7/4) to take home the trophy in Atlanta. LSU and the Vols are close behind to win the conference, at 7/2, with Georgia coming in fourth at 9/1. Hey! The Vols #hypetrain isn't just in our heads, apparently! Neat! 

    The people wot make awards shortlists have done gone and made a bunch of awards shortlists, and like half the dang team is on one:
    Congrats to all who made a list, and thank you to the shortlist-makers, who gave me pleasant memories of that end-of-season screen in NCAA '14.

  • If you've ever got $75 million dollars just lying around (LOOKING AT YOU EVAN TURNER), you could start your own FBS-level college football program, according to a study commissioned by Wichita State, who was considering the move for some reason. Sadly, they decided that was a lot of money and probably a pretty dumb idea, evidently despite the conspicuous lack of wheat-mascoted football teams. 

  • SEC Media Days starts Tuesday in Birmingham, and Josh Dobbs, Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Cam Sutton will represent the Vols, same as last year.

  • Something called "iSportWeb" points out that Clemson is recruiting distressingly well in Tennessee this year, with three of the state's top seven recruits.

    So we at the DAILYLINKS are way too poor to have a "bucket list," but supposing you do have one, what non-Vol College Football GameDay Traditions are on it? I'm not including any B1G things because B1G, gross.