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LINKS: Should Fans Checker Neyland Again This Year?

It does look really cool. That and practice updates, injury statuses, and more in your Wednesday links!

NCAA Football: Florida at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Listen, Man, We’re Talking About Practice
Morning folks. Fall camp ended yesterday with a shorts-and-shoulderpads practice back at Haslem Field; Rocky Top Insider has a full breakdown (and a few videos). Freshman WRs Tyler Byrd and Jeff George and OL Marcus Tatum were the latest to lose their helmet stripes, for those of you keeping track at home (actually, don’t do that, that’s insane).

Preseason injuries are a concern and affect basically every team (a fact recently discovered by the News Sentinel’s own Grantland Rice, John Adams). Tennessee has picked up a few dings over the course of fall practice- Austin Smith, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Jauan Jennings and MaLeik Gatewood all wore green jerseys this week- but none of the injuries are serious, and all are expected back next week. Meanwhile Shy Tuttle is now running “very well” and by all accounts progressing steadily in his recovery, though Jones and staff have been reluctant to speculate on a timetable for his return.

Practice won’t be held today, as these are technically “students” at a “university” who must “attend classes which start today,” or something. Proper in-season practice will begin tomorrow.

My Past Checkered Like the Louis You Just Got
So whoever it was that came up with the Neyland Checkerboard I guess had a poll yesterday about it doing it again this season (somewhere online, presumably? Thanks for the link, KNS ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) ). Wherever it was and whoever these people were, they picked “yes” and “Florida,” though the athletic department has said they haven’t made an official decision yet. Counterpoint:

What say ye, RTTfolk?

It’s our traditional TWITTERWEDNESDAY (ok we just made that up)

The Twitter game of this team is strong, yall. The offensive line has their own handle now: Life in the Shadows. To whit:

Happy Wednesday!