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Dave Hart announces retirement

Tennessee’s athletic director is retiring effective next summer

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee-Press Conference Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart announced this morning that he is retiring effective June 30, 2017. It does not appear, at least from the official story on that he is being forced out. Rather, Hart said that he simply feels like “this was a good time to set a target to wrap up my career as a Director of Athletics.”

There are a lot of quick takes on the announcement already, and many of them are not particularly flattering. There have been some issues in the athletic department over the past couple of years, for sure, and there are many stories of the wrong people being rubbed the wrong way. But that will happen sometimes when you’re making tough decisions.

Rather than re-heating all of the issues Hart had to deal with as the man in charge, though, we’ll just leave it up to you to decide how to react to the announcement.

So what do you think, Vols fans? Is this good news? Bad news? Is it more smoke signaling a fire raging somewhere yet unknown?

And more importantly, who do you think might and should replace Hart as athletic director next year?