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LINKS: AP Lists Vols as 14th All-Time in College Football

The Associated Press called in their seasonal football writers a wee bit early, team roster updates, and unfortunate Lane Things: it's your (uncommon!) Wednesday links!

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

  • Morning folks. The Butch Jones Roster Management Train is not without victims; in addition to our normal lists of transfers here, there are a number of players that don't make the roster, for various reasons. Perpetual fan favorite S WR Cody Blanc (of Alabama 2013 fame), S TE Joe Stocstill, and Jr WR Jay Rochell are the guys today.

  • Well, the AP put together an all-time college football ranking, listing Tennessee 14th. We could point out here that Tennessee is ranked behind LSU, despite having more National Championships, a better all-time record, a better all-time conference record, more conference championships, and a 20-9-3 head-to-head record, but then, hey, we'd be doing a lot more effort than the AP voters did, so really, what's the point? The takeaway here is that the AP has always been garbage.

  • Lane Kiffin tweeted some nonsense about Tennessee recruiting and then promptly deleted it, once people noticed. Glad to see he's matured so, as everyone at Alabama and The Worldwide Leader keep telling us. I'm certain his next employers will be getting an absolute gem, you guys.

  • In case you hadn't quite had your fill of University of Tennessee-related lawsuit info, several former Vols players, including Rod Wilks, Byron Moore, and Marlon Walls, are suing the University for withholding compensation for profits from name and image rights, similar to the O'Bannon suit of 2014.

  • Here's a bunch of anonymous SEC head coaches commenting on this years' Vols squad. Sorry, it's actually really boring and they don't say anything they wouldn't in a press conference. And you won't even be able to pick out the Les Miles bit (we tried! it's terrible.).

  • OK this is actually kinda good:

    It's funny because we're 1000% certain Peyton actually owns that suit.

    Now I guess we're just voluntarily posting Peyton ads, because Peyton? This is what you've done to us, man. Yay Superbowls? Also Papa John's. Drink Bud.
Happy Wednesday!