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Battle at Bristol Game Thread

It’s College Football’s Biggest Ever, and it’s the best place to be tonight at 8:00. The second-best place to be is here.

Morning, y'all. We've been looking forward to seeing the Vols play at Bristol Motor Speedway for a decade or more, and we've been anticipating the Battle at Bristol for three years. Today, it's finally here.

There's so much noise about this game that you may have missed Will's Ridge and Valley post, which is required reading for today. Seriously, follow that link and read that post.

All right. Now you're free to get back to your traffic and parking logistics. If you've managed to cross that off your list already, congratulations. You are now free to commence your tailgating. Just make sure you're ready to go at kickoff.

This post will serve as your Battle at Bristol Game Thread, and because the build-up for this game started years ago, we're letting the game thread fly early, first thing this morning. Kickoff is at 8:00 Eastern and the A-Team has the broadcast.

Go Vols.

8:00 PM ET


Virginia Tech