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RTT Guessing Game standings after Week Two

Incipient_Senescence takes sole possession of the lead, but he’s also the sole target of an approaching blue shell.

NCAA Football: Battle at Bristol-Tennessee vs Virginia Tech Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to everyone who played the Guessing Game this week. Here's how everything played out:

Round 1

Question: How many net rushing yards does Josh Dobbs get?

Answer: 36+ (106)

A whopping 33 players got this right.

VolinDenver and Jayyyy get mushrooms, and Mariettavol and RollerVol slip up on bananas. There are no blue shells and no bolts. The same three players who had the lead maintain it: birdjam, Incipient_Senescence, and NJ Vol.

Round 2

Question: Which Vol makes the first catch?

Answer: Someone else (Jauan Jennings)

Only three players get a point for getting this question right, including NJ Vol, who takes sole possession of the lead. Master Jedi Starkiller and danmarcel each get a mushroom boost, but heerb and mcsqueege both run over bananas. Yrekacavol releases a blue shell from the back of the pack and sends it on its way. NJ Vol is the leader. For now.

Round 3

Question: How do the Vols score their first touchdown?

Answer: Passing

Only seven players get that question right, including Incipient_Senescence, who moves into the precarious lead with NJ Vol. Mushroom boosts go to RockyTop5 and heerb, and bananas trip up Jsmit348 and . . . NJ Vol! There are no bolts and no new blue shells, but the one at the back continues to make its progress toward Incipient_Senescence, who will remain in sole possession of the lead until next week.

Current standings:

Player Total
Incipient_Senescence 4
birdjam 3
Daetilus 3
NJ Vol 3
orange_devil87 3
_trey_ 2
BBQTuck615 2
biologydropout 2
bobo_the_vol 2
Joel Hollingsworth 2
Master Jedi Starkiller 2
NickDrake87 2
PrideofTheSouthlandFan 2
Raven17 2
RockyTop5 2
Smokin Turkeys 2
TennVol95 in 3D! 2
VolinDenver 2
Volundore 2
volyourbase 2
Will Shelton 2
acrawf 1
AeroVol 1
bhibb37 1
Chris Pendley 1
chuckiepoo 1
danmarcel 1
Danny_TM 1
heerb 1
Josh Farrar 1
LTVol99 1
MillerLane91 1
Nomadvol 1
NYCVawl 1
RockyTopinKY 1
thetennesseethumper 1
utkjmitch 1
VolFanatETSU 1
Vols4Liife 1
Caban 0
Displaced_Vol_Fan 0
Hook0690 0
Jayyyy 0
Joel's New Test Entry 0
Jsmit348 0
Mariettavol 0
RollerVol 0
SmallsVFL 0
thunderfootswamprat 0
yrekacavol 0
mcsqueege -1

Entire spreadsheet is here.