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Tennessee Football 2017 Schedule

LSU on November 18 will change the usual flow of a season’s expectations.

Virginia Tech v Tennessee Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

We knew the names, now we know the dates:

The move of South Carolina from Halloween weekend to mid-October is one we’ve seen a few times before, most recently when the Vols beat Steve Spurrier’s eventual #4 Gamecocks in Butch Jones’ first year. The Vols and Georgia Tech will meet in the Falcons’ new stadium to test it for lingering curses right away on Labor Day.

The biggest news here is the placement of LSU on the schedule. The November 18 date automatically gives Tennessee its biggest end-of-year test since the Florida game was moved to December after 9/11. Should Team 121 navigate the first ten games to put themselves in a position for Atlanta, there will still be plenty of, “If they can beat LSU” going around. We’re used to having our divisional fate decided by the Third Saturday in October (two years in a row, how about that!) at the latest. Next year the Vols will have a huge November date that will have something more to say about their ultimate fate.

But hey, it’s better than playing your four biggest games on consecutive weeks.