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Rocky Top Talk Podcast: Ohio with Hustle Belt

Ohio Bobcats v Kansas Jayhawks Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

This week we’re joined by Anthony Allocco, who covers Ohio for SB Nation’s MAC blog Hustle Belt. Anthony and others have lots of informative content at their Ohio U hub, especially if you, like me, haven’t seen the Bobcats play a single snap this season.

Anthony had plenty of informative content on the podcast as well, more than enough to make one pay attention to the Bobcats. We talked:

  • How Ohio’s offensive dynamic is similar to Tennessee’s
  • How the Bobcats pride themselves on stopping the run and slowing the game down similar to App State (but thankfully are woeful at kick coverage...)
  • Thoughts on the Battle at Bristol experience
  • What (if anything) are we most confident about with this Tennessee team so far?
  • Is pointing too many fingers at the offensive line oversimplification?
  • First thoughts on Tennessee’s 2017 schedule

Listen anytime below, or download anytime here.