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RTT Guessing Game standings after Week Three

Three players all coast through the week tied for the lead, but the blue shell is almost here.

NCAA Football: Ohio at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Getting this out of the way early so we can get on to Florida Week. Here's how everything played out in our weekly RTT Guessing Game:

Round 1

Question: Which is greater, the Vols’ net rushing yards, or the Vols’ net passing yards?

Answer: Vols' net passing yards (203-201)

Results: 12 players get this right and get a point for it.

Mushrooms: Smokin Turkeys and orange_devil87.

Bananas: RockyTopinKY and orange_devil87.

Blue shells: None.

Bolts: None.

Incipient_Senescence, NJ Vol, and Smokin Turkeys all knotted up for the lead as the blue shell advances on them.

Round 2

Question: Do the Vols’ score a special teams touchdown?

Answer: Unfortunately, no.

Results: 18 pessimists get this right and are awarded a point for it.

Mushrooms: Volundore and utkjmitch.

Bananas: PrideofTheSouthlandFan and atthejabbok.

Blue shells: None.

Bolts: None.

The same three lead after Round 2: Incipient_Senescence, NJ Vol, and Smokin Turkeys. The blue shell continues to creep up on them.

Round 3

Question: What’s the final margin of victory?

Answer: 0-10.

Results: Nobody gets this right. Not one of us. Not even the pessimists.

Mushrooms: Joel Hollingsworth and COACH799.

Bananas: TennVol95 in 3D! and Chris Pendley.

Blue shells: A tthejabbok releases a new one from the back of the pack.

Bolts: None.

The same three -- Incipient_Senescence, NJ Vol, and Smokin Turkeys -- all still share the lead after the end of the week, but the first blue shell is going to blow up whoever is in the lead after the first question next week. A group of five behind them stand to gather up the spoils.

Current standings:

Player Total
Incipient_Senescence 5
NJ Vol 5
Smokin Turkeys 5
birdjam 4
_trey_ 4
Raven17 4
Volundore 4
Joel Hollingsworth 4
TennVol95 in 3D! 3
Daetilus 3
orange_devil87 3
Will Shelton 3
RockyTop5 3
VolinDenver 3
heerb 3
PrideofTheSouthlandFan 2
BBQTuck615 2
biologydropout 2
bobo_the_vol 2
Master Jedi Starkiller 2
NickDrake87 2
volyourbase 2
acrawf 2
Josh Farrar 2
thetennesseethumper 2
Jayyyy 2
utkjmitch 2
COACH799 2
RockyTopinKY 1
AeroVol 1
bhibb37 1
chuckiepoo 1
danmarcel 1
Danny_TM 1
LTVol99 1
MillerLane91 1
Nomadvol 1
NYCVawl 1
VolFanatETSU 1
Vols4Liife 1
SmallsVFL 1
Mariettavol 1
Chris Pendley 0
Caban 0
Displaced_Vol_Fan 0
Hook0690 0
Joel's New Test Entry 0
Jsmit348 0
RollerVol 0
thunderfootswamprat 0
yrekacavol 0
Bubbavol 0
Nomadvol 0
mcsqueege 0
atthejabbok -1

Entire spreadsheet is here.