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LINKS: Vegas Gives Tennessee Best Odds to Beat Florida in 20 Years

tfw Vegas loves you more than you love yourself, injury updates, Gators #hateweek, and more: it's your Tuesday links!

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Morning folks! The ever-intensifying parade of dread and recrimination we fondly call Florida Week is upon us.

PAGEANTRY! As we've maybe reported previously (we honestly don't remember, and it's tough to google while we're hyperventilating into this paper bag), Tennessee will don the Smokey Greys Saturday, and GameDay will be in attendance, though there's no word yet on the celebrity picker (DO THE RIGHT THING, GAMEDAY). The plan to checker Neyland again is a go. They're reversing the colors this year (no idea why)- if you can't remember anything that happened at the Oklahoma game for some reason, you can check what color to wear for your section here.

PREPARATION Everybody has heard, we're sure, but it's official: Cam Sutton is out an indeterminate amount of time with a broken ankle, and Quart'e Sapp's season is over with an ACL injury. Get well, guys.

In other injury news, Butch Jones "fully expects" Jalen Reeves-Maybin to play Saturday, along with CB Justin Martin. DL LaTroy Lewis, who is recovering from a high ankle sprain, may also play. OL Chance Hall returned to practice yesterday, but his status is questionable; MLB Darrin Kirkland Jr. will not play Saturday.

TRADITION! Gainesville Sun writer Pat Dooley has the opening salvo this year, calling Tennessee "the Kardashians of CFB because they look good & haven't done anything," which is like a super sick burn if you're a 50-year-old white guy from Florida, we guess? Meanwhiles some lovable scamp started a (now sadly defunct) Go Fund Me campaign to pay for the funeral of Austin Appleby. Appleby, pictured here, seemed a good sport about it.

As of this wrtiing, Bovada lists Tennessee as a seven point favorite over Florida, which is (and this is nuts) the best odds Tennessee has posted against the Gators since at least 1996 (as far back as Oddshark records go). Early sportswriter predictions have begun to get posted, and they mostly aren't having it:

  • CampusInsiders gives Florida the edge in all aspects of the game aside from "intangibles" (which seems sorta backward?), predicting a 27-20 Jort victory.

  • College Football News foresees a hideous grindfest ending in a 20-17 Vols win.

  • In a stunning and dastardly betrayal, Brad at B/R writes like 10,000 words (IN A STUPID SLIDESHOW) to end up picking a 23-20 Florida win.


Unrelated to anything, the Florida A&M band is ::fire emoji::.

Take notes, Pride of the Southland Director-Person.

If it's Tuesday, it's POSSUMNEWS
it me! This. entire. week.

Happy Tuesday!