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Paradigm Shift Post Script - Week Three

Three weeks of cumulative stats clarify what has kept the Vols undefeated, and what Tennessee must do to stay there.

Ohio v Tennessee Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

This week, the Paradigm Shift Post Script is improving our presentation for you, dear reader. We have eschewed the lowly form of the bulleted list for something much clearer.


By The Numbers

The Vols have clearly not been efficient moving the ball. Despite having one more drive than their opponents to this point, they have had two fewer drives gain 20+ yards. But the Vols have been more than twice as explosive and are scoring 1.4 more points per scoring opportunity.

The defense has been excellent thus far, barely giving up more than one explosive play in 20. In fact, the only stat where the Vols are lagging their opponents to date is total 3rd and 4th down conversions.

Despite teams kicking away from Evan Berry, Tennessee still maintains nearly a six yard advantage in field position thanks to Virginia Tech’s charity. Does Jim McElwain tempt fate on Saturday?

Et Cetera

After the rousing discussions regarding fumble luck earlier this week, we are curious about what else you would like to see here. Leave us some kind words or criticisms; dealer’s choice.

Go Vols.