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RTT Podcast: Florida Week with Spencer Hall

Tennessee v Florida Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It’s Tennessee/Florida week, which means we welcome back Spencer Hall from SB Nation & Every Day Should Be Saturday to the podcast. In the conversation this week:

  • Jim McElwain’s fit in Gainesville so far
  • Is the 2016 Florida defense even better than the Gator usual?
  • Why opening up the playbook might be a bad idea for Tennessee in this game
  • How many times since Spurrier arrived have the Vols had the better team in this match-up?
  • What should give Tennessee confidence on Saturday?
  • Does the whole Vol conversation still start and stop with the offensive line?
  • On fan anxiety and giving yourself permission to, you know, have fun this weekend.

Listen anytime below, or download anytime here.