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RTT Pick ‘Em Community Trends - Week 4

How our community is leaning in the week’s biggest games, including Tennessee vs Florida

South Carolina State v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith / Getty Images

Last week: congrats to ga25engr, whose 198 confidence points won the week by four over waltsspc. Longtime friend of the blog John Coctostan came in fifth in confidence points and was the only picker to go 18-2 last week.

In the overall standings C_hawkfan has the lead through three weeks with 543 points, with three others tied for second at 533.

This week:

  • 92.1% take Clemson tonight on the road at Georgia Tech - still time to get your picks in before the 7:30 PM kickoff.
  • After earning between 95-100% of the vote the first three weeks, the Vols are getting 81% from our pool against the Gators right now. Fun note: 81% of our pool has taken the Vols over the Gators in each of the last three years. Could be that those picking the Vols are always picking the Vols & those picking the Gators until they see it are, well, continuing to pick the Gators. But confidence overall remains at the level we’ve seen it for the last three years.
  • Lots of attractive match-ups on the schedule this week, but close calls are hard to come by in the pool. 84% take Ole Miss at home over Georgia, 93% take Michigan State at home over Wisconsin, 90% take LSU on the road at Auburn.
  • The closest calls of the week are in the SEC: 66% like Texas A&M against Arkansas at JerryWorld, 65% take South Carolina on the road at Kentucky.