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LINKS: Vols Players and Recruits React to Win Over Florida

Tweets and snaps and grams and whatnot from the youths, recruit reactions, a crazed robot ranks Tennessee #1, and more: it’s your Tuesday links!

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Florida v Tennessee Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Morning folks! Happiness, knowledge, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour:


"It just looked like we took their soul, really," safety Todd Kelly Jr. said.

Y'all didn't rush the field , but my mom sure did !

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Quack Quack mf

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And lastly:


Moving on:

George Schroeder at USA Today has an excellent recap of the final moments of the Saturday’s game and what it meant to the team, Butch Jones, and all of us, while Fox Sports highlighted Derek Barnett’s staggering second-half dominance. Bob Shoop:

“It was just Derek saying, ‘Climb on my back, I got this.’ I’m not sure I’ve ever had a player take over a game quite like he did for us."

Barnett himself (rather dryly) noted, “I feel like we play better when we're down. That's something we've got to get corrected." Elsewhere Richard Johnson at the mothership observes Florida really brought this on themselves by dragging Adele into it.

A whole slew of recruits were at the game, including Owen Pappoe (5* ‘19(!!!) OLB), Jacob Phillips (4* ‘17 ILB), Malik Herring (4* ‘17 DE), Emil Ekiyor (4* ‘18 OL), Malik Vann (4* ‘18 DE), and Trey Smith (5* ‘17 OT), and sounded ecstatic after, which either means the game had different effects on recruits than it does on us, or they’re all just really into that “WELP gonna go drink some blea-LOLJKNMILOVEEVERYTHING::GOOOGLYEYES::” feeling.

The Vols moved up to #11 in both the AP and Coaches polls following the game, which broadly agreed with the computer polls: Massey (#10), Sagarin (#12), Billingsley (#7)- though the Colley rankings (which we’ll straight up admit to never having heard of before ::ahem::) has us at #1. BEST RANKING EVER #SCIENCE. (Meanwhile the S&P+ is like suuuuuper drunk you guys).

Goodnight, sweet prince:

┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•) NFL coaches
┳┻|⊂ノ aren’t good.

If it’s Tuesday, it’s POSSUMNEWS
Here is an underappreciated posso helpfully checking spark plug gaps:

And here is the story of a man wearing a tie who found his place in life by entangling his son in a possum-capturing plot, or something.

Happy Tuesday!