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RTT Pick ‘Em - Week Five Community Trends

How our community is feeling in this week’s biggest games

NCAA Football: Washington at Stanford Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last week: ltvol99 took the week at 16-4 and 181 confidence points. In the overall standings C_hawkfan opens up a big lead with 716 confidence points and 63-17 overall.

This week:

  • 93.6% take the Vols on the road in Athens, up sharply from the 81% that got the Vols right last week.
  • Tonight 100% are taking Houston at home over UConn.
  • Tomorrow in the Pac-12 showdown 63.1% take Stanford on the road at Washington.
  • Close calls this week: 51.5% take Texas on the road at Oklahoma State, 58.9% take Penn State at home over undefeated Minnesota, 53.2% are still riding with Oklahoma at TCU, 52.6% take undefeated Arizona State at Southern Cal.
  • No drama in the SEC: 100% take Alabama over Kentucky and Texas A&M at South Carolina. One person is taking Vanderbilt at home over Florida, two people take Memphis at Ole Miss.
  • In prime time: 61.2% are riding with Lamar Jackson and Louisville on the road at Clemson.