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LINKS: Yeah So Pretty Much Everybody is Picking the Vols to Beat Georgia

Like 30 previews waaaaaaaay to optimistic for comfort, injury and roster notes, and more: it’s your Friday links!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Morning folks. Presumably due to some still-remaining residuals of Mark Richt’s circa-2001 unholy sacrifice to The SEC Scheduling Gods, we’re just over 24 hours away from Vol II of “Let’s just play Everybody Important All In a Row, That’ll Be Fun.” The Vols will be wearing the LINKS-approved white-on-white stormtrooper look, as announced in a video on the official Tennessee Twitter account. There’s also a hype video:

b/c nothing gets the kids going like a 20-year-old Nas joint. MOVING ON:

Previews: Why We Puff Lye
Let’s all get ourselves good and terrified, eh?


Beyond the Walls of Intelligence Life is Defined (so- injury news! that works, right? totally works)
Earlier in the week Butch Jones said he expected Jalen Reeves-Maybin (out with a sprained shoulder) to play Saturday, but on his Wednesday night radio show indicated they’re awaiting further MRI results before making a final decision. Darrin Kirkland Jr. will remain sidelined with a high-ankle sprain. Coleman Thomas, who didn’t start Saturday, is reportedly back to full-health:

“Coleman Thomas has been injured all year with ankles,” Jones said. “I’m sitting next to him in the training room a couple weeks ago, and he’s getting ready to play, and I look over and he has two swollen ankles that are black and blue, and that’s a young man that does not say anything. You talk about giving your all, he’s giving his all. It’s great, because now we’re getting him back to full strength.”

Which, uh, might explain a few things? Jones also indicated Wednesday there was some chance Cam Sutton could return for the last couple games of the season, depending on how he heals.

Freshman Baylen Buchanan will start Saturday at cornerback, replacing Justin Martin. Martin, who is dealing with a tweaked ankle, will however see the field, according to Bob Shoop.

Not sure if there’s some belichickian nonsense going on here or what, but Georgia’s Nick Chubb didn’t practice the first three days this week, yesterday’s practice was closed to the media, and Kirby Smart apparently will only discuss the situation in his “hey, what do I know? I’m just a guy here!” voice:

“Nick’s doing all he can to make sure he can play in this game. We’re hopeful that he can, so I feel better now because we have a lot of guys with experience. I sure wish and hope that 27’s out there.”

So, uh, “questionable” then? We’ll stick with “questionable.”

We were all keyed up to make fun of this supershort video breakdown from WBIR of Saturday’s Jalen Hurd touchdown pass, but it’s actually fine. Good even! Go watch it.

WHEREIN: Dave Climer coins the name “Coach Cliche” for Butch Jones and then giggles to himself about it for 1000 words.

In honor of the Florida win, The Tennessee School of Beauty will give you a free Butch Jones haircut on request next week, which sounds like a solid plan if you’re wanting to get out of your marriage.


Happy Weekend!