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RTT 2016 Guessing Game Results for Week 1

Four players tie for first after Week 1, and Jayyyy LOVES bananas.

Outback Bowl - Northwestern v Tennessee Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Thanks to everyone who played the Guessing Game this week. Here's how everything played out:

Round 1

Question: Which is greater, the Vols' net rushing yards or the Vols' net passing yards?

Answer: Vols' net passing yards

Surprisingly, 12 players get this right. Birdjam and TennVol95 in 3D! both get mushrooms, and poor, poor Jayyyy gets both bananas.

So 13 players are bunched up for the lead after Round 1.

Round 2

Question: How many Vols' passing plays go for 25 yards or more?

Answer: 1

Only three players get this one right. PrideofTheSouthlandFan takes a mushroom, heerb takes a banana, and thetennesseethumper nets out at zero by taking a mushroom right into a banana. NJVol takes sole possession of the lead by getting both questions right and avoiding disaster.

Round 3

Question: Do the Vols score 45 points or more?

Answer: Yikes, no.

I'd say that we all pretty much got the score wrong, but because I set the thing at 45, nine players did get a point for taking the under. Bobo_the_vol and NickDrake87 each take a 'shroom and zoom ahead, while Hook0690 and poor, poor Jayyyy both slipped up on 'nanners.

That leaves four players tied for first after Week 1. Congrats to birdjam, bobo_the_vol, Incipient_Senescence, and NJ Vol.

And no, I didn't forget about the blue shells or the lightning strikes; there weren't any.

Until next time.

You can view the spreadsheet for this week here.