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BREAKING: Offensive Coordinator Mike DeBord Leaving Tennessee Program

After two years, Debord is Hoosier-bound.

Georgia v Tennessee Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Well, Butch Jones has been hinting at some staff changes this offseason, and it appears they’re indeed coming: according to a report from Volquest (since confirmed by others), offensive coordinator Mike DeBord will be leaving the Tennessee program. Per the report, DeBord had planned to retire following Friday’s bowl game, but has in the last 48 hours instead been offered and accepted the role as Indiana’s offensive coordinator under new coach Tom Allen. DeBord, who is originally from Muncie, Indiana, will replace Kevin Johns. While he hasn’t yet commented publicly on the move, DeBord talked with reporters prior to the Nebraska game about his time with Tennessee:

“As I look back these last two years, I'm proud of what our coaches and our players have done offensively. Going back to two years ago when we were the second rushing team in the conference, then this past year what we did as far as being second in the conference in scoring, one of the best in the red zone, things like that, I'm really proud of what we've been able to accomplish.

There's been things we haven't done. You always go back and look at that, say, ‘How do we get better at that?’ But that's for another day.

I've really enjoyed this past season with these guys, just continuing to work to get better this season. It's been a good year.”

We’ll obviously have more coverage on reactions to DeBord’s departure and possible replacement candidates coming, so stay tuned.