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LINKS: Yeah So Maybe Don’t Get Too Excited About That Offensive Coordinator Hire

“Just call it a staycation!”, BasketVol Roundups, and more: it’s your Monday links!

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl - Nebraska v Tennessee Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Morning fam. First off:

BOUNCYVOL ROUNDUP: or, How to Make Everybody in the Office Think You Know What You’re Talking About Without Having To Watch A Bunch Of Boring Losses
As detailed by Will this weekend, the men’s team played a very solid 30 or so minutes against No. 24 Florida in Gainesville Saturday, led by Admiral Schofield’s 18 points on 6-of-9 and 10 rebounds. Alas, a late Florida run fueled by some shaky perimeter defense (and some outrageous three-point shooting from KeVaughn Allen) eventually proved too much, as the Vols fell 83-70, droppping to 8-7 on the year. Contrary to what we just put in bold at the top of the page, this is a young team that can be fun to watch and seems to have a lot of promise; the question is when they can congeal that funness and promisyness into actual wins.

Meanwhile the Lady Vols fell Sunday in Knoxville to undefeated No. 4 Mississippi State 74-64, in a showcase of Tennessee’s painfully thin roster: Mercedes Russell and Diamond DeShields accounted for 42 of those points, and both played the entire 40 minutes.

This Is Why You Should Never Get Excited About Anything
Well, that was a fun afternoon. Mark Helfrich is now being widely reported as either not interested or not being considered for the open offensive coordinator position; current Vols special teams and tight ends coach Larry Scott is apparently the new favorite, with Vols WR coach Zach Azzanni evidently also being considered (which, uh.... suuuuure).

Supposing Butch goes the internal-promotion route (frankly, it’s on-brand enough that we’re ready to just assume it’s happening), that would still leave an opening for a quarterback coach, which may explain Jones interviewing Chris Weinke (yes that Chris Weinke) last Thursday. Weinke has most recently been employed as quarterbacks coach for the Los Angeles Rams, a noted beacon of quarterback evaluation and development.

If that last section left you down, cheer up: Tennessee now has a strength and conditioning coach, just like a real football program! The Vols are now finalizing a deal with former NFL conditioning coach Rock Gullickson (which is an excellent S&C coach name, tbf), lately of the Rams. No idea where this sudden Rams connection came from, unless there’s like a secret convention of teams that haven’t won their division in a decade.

Kahlil McKenzie’s younger brother and UT legacy Jalen McKenzie (‘17 3* OG, No. 408 nationally) has yet to receive an offer from UT, which seems weird to us, and also to Kahlil, apparently.

We feel dirty even linking this, but while discussing possible landing sports for Chip Kelly, Colin Cowherd I guess had some nice things to say about Tennessee as a program, and some less nice things to say about Butch Jones. Broken clock and all that.

Under-Armour All-Americans, when polled, listed Tennessee fans as the most annoying in the country on social media. Periodic reminder: don’t tweet at recruits. It’s weird, guys.

There’s we guess some football game on tonight.
Feel free to leave a prediction in the comments. Winner gets nothing.

Posted by Taylor Nelson on Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy Monday!