Potential Coaching Candidates for the future

I would hate to be the guy to quit on Butch Jones, but I think these past couple have proven that he can't take this program to a playoff level. At the beginning as with most coaches all you need to do is recruit players and convince them it is a work in progress. But once you reach "your year" when you feel like you can start to compete if you fail it is going to fall on you. HIs inability to reach the SEC East is something that is always going to work against him. I will always remember that glorious comeback against Florida, but I think that will be my only positive memory from the Butch Jones era. If you look at his years there was only one elite team to ever when the East. In 2013, a very good Mizzou team, the one with James Franklin gave Auburn a run for the money in the championship game. But other than that Tennessee had the talent level to go to Atlanta and has failed. And after the Georgia embarrassment you saw a difference between what happened in Baton Rouge vs Knoxville. LSU had team meetings and responded with a win in the swamp. What happened at UT where a fight broke out and the lost against a mediocre South Carolina. Which a goal to go blunder fell on the coach but never mind.... Regardless, let's bring in the contenders.

Chip Kelly

What a hire this would be. I think the board would approve and I think a revamp in the Tennessee program is exactly what they need. Chip Kelly brings an offensive edge that would make Ut football fun again. With a good defensive coordinator I think this is a system that could really beat Alabama and be better for the UT program. He has had a bad history with players but he think he would be a great fit for this team.

Kliff Kingsbury

Yes, I know this seems like a dumb idea, but at A&M he ran a perfect office and once again with good defense this would be a great hire for the program. He has turned the laughing stock of the Big XII into a national contender. It might be a completely teriblle idea but hey sometimes crazy is all you got.

Kirk Ferentz

Iowa hasn't been national contenders in a long time, but if we want to rebuild this football team in a tough, physical manner I think this is the way to go. Iowa City isn't the most attractive place for recruits which is why I think he could be a very good fit to lead Tennessee into the glorious beyond. In Knoxville I think he could get a better quality of players, and I think he would be a good fit.

Chris Peterson

Washington was a 6-6 team a couple of years ago, and then some guy from Boise State takes over and they can go toe-to-toe with Alabama and physically dominate Stanford within a couple of years. Along with Kirk Ferentz this is another great hire if we want a physical offense although I think he is a little bit more flexible on the offensive end.

Chris Moorehead

This guy is the offensive coordinator at Penn State. Besides creating one of the most potent offenses in the country he was also the coach at Fordham University. I know it is an FCS school, but he lead them to 3 of their 5 FCS Playoff appearances in school history. He has offensive experience and head coaching experience, although the defense may be problematic he may be a good coach for the future.

Manny Diaz

Talk about improvement this man has been all around college football and I think he brought a defense that can finally play. The Miami defensive coordinator has turned a living dumpster fire into a defense that has swagger and is dominant. The defensive coaching is strong but can he build a program. I don't know? He could also be a coordinator if Tennessee goes the offensive route.

Well... these are guys I think could contend and be a good fit. Let me know what you think!

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