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Tennessee Grocery Store Creates “Fire Butch Jones” Cakes, Cupcakes

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Losing will drive you crazy. It’s driven this fanbase nuts over the last decade. Tennessee fans are rightfully fed up and sick of being a national punchline. One grocery store — particularly a Food Lion in the Chattanooga area — has clearly had enough of Butch Jones, too.

Check out these cookie cakes and cupcakes that they are selling ahead of this weekend’s game against Alabama.


Check out the Alabama themed cake that reads “Butch, we found your bricks.” That’s going to be a big hit with Bama fans living up here.

This isn’t the only public outcry for change that we’ve seen either. Last week at an N.C. State home game a “Fire Butch Jones” sign was spotted. A similar sign was spotted this weekend on Monday Night Football at the Titans-Colts game.

At the end of the day, making “fire Butch” cupcakes won’t change anything, but it’s a clever idea from this Food Lion of accurately taking the pulse of a fanbase. I bet they sell a lot of these things before Saturday.

College Football is just the best. Where else can you find anything like this? The passion is unmatched.