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Tennessee QB Guarantano Predicts a “Magical” Final 35 Days of the Season

Again, he doesn’t lack confidence.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee had a predictably rough outing on Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Most teams do. The Volunteers were 37 point underdogs heading into the day — the largest spread in the history of the series — and Alabama covered it.

The Vols fell to 3-4 on the season after the loss, which was their third in a row dating back to Georgia. Redshirt freshman quarterback Jarrett Guarantano took his lumps today, but he’s keeping it positive.

“We have 35 days left and for 35 days we’re going to give our all for Tennessee. 100 percent,” Guarantano said. “They’re going to be a magical 35 days,” the redshirt freshman proclaimed.

Guarantano was just 9-16 for 44 yards passing against Alabama.

“There’s not a lot of positives to pull from a 45-7 loss,” Guarantano said. “I know we’re definitely going to work harder from it.”

If nothing else, you have to love his attitude in a tough situation.

For that magical final 35 days to happen, Tennessee is going to have to find its way offensively. Since the UMass debacle, virtually nothing has worked for the unit. The offense hasn’t scored a touchdown since September 23rd.

Tennessee travels to Kentucky and Missouri and gets Southern Miss, Vanderbilt and LSU at home. We’ll see if Guarantano can deliver on his prediction.