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Tennessee Football: Butch Jones says he isn’t changing play callers

Butch doesn’t want to make a change.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee hasn’t scored an offensive touchdown in a full month. That’s pretty shocking to think about, but it’s been since September 23rd against UMass since the Volunteer offense got into the endzone.

Butch Jones knew he had to shake something up after the Georgia debacle, so he opted to turn to Jarrett Guarantano at quarterback. That change hasn’t gotten Tennessee into the endzone yet.

In fact, Tennessee now ranks 126th in total offense of 130 teams.

Naturally, Butch was asked at his press conference if there was any consideration in making a change of play-caller. “No. Not at all,” Jones said emphatically.

“I evaluate everything — starting with me first and foremost. I see some progress, unfortunately you don’t see it on gameday. It’s one of those things where it’s an execution type deal,” Jones said.

Butch continues to point to his practices as examples of progress being made. He did it after the game on Saturday, saying the offense makes big plays on the practice field, just not in the games.

“You just have to continue to work and work and work. Eventually you’re going to see that come to fruition at some point,” Jones finished.

Would moving Larry Scott solve this offenses issues? Probably not. As I’ve said repeatedly, this seems to be Butch’s offense. It hasn’t really changed schematically from Mike Bajakian or Mike DeBord.

Tennessee’s offensive issues stem from inconsistent quarterback play, and maybe even some inexperience and ineffectiveness at receiver. There have certainly been some boneheaded calls made from this staff, but I think the issue is a little deeper than a play-caller. It’s more scheme to me — which isn’t going to change.