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Tennessee - Kentucky: RTT Staff Predictions

Will Tennessee get its first SEC win this weekend?

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee travels to Lexington, Ky. having not scored an offensive touchdown in 14 quarters and without its best offensive player in John Kelly. Kentucky lost 45-7 to Mississippi State last week and hasn’t been able to stop anybody in conference play. Throw in the sheer dominance Tennessee has exhibited over Kentucky — 31-1 since 1985 — and this should be an interesting game.

After starting 0-4 in the SEC, can the Vols turn it around against the Wildcats?

Conner Knapp: Kentucky 16, Tennessee 6

(Season record: 6-1)

If Tennessee wasn’t able to score with John Kelly, I don’t see how it is going to be able to score without him.

Tennessee is a team in disarray right now, and going on the road in the SEC is generally not a cure to anyone’s ailments. I think Tennessee will be able to keep Kentucky’s offense relatively in check, but I just don’t know UT gets its own offense back on track.

Noah Taylor: Kentucky 20, Tennessee 10

(Season record: 6-1)

This will finally be the week that Tennessee’s offense will find the endzone. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be enough to snag their first win in conference play.

A lot of factors will be working against the Vols on Saturday night, one of which is that the game is being played in what promises to be a ruckus environment in Lexington. Add in the absence of Tennessee’s most prolific playmaker in John Kelly and it just seems like their woes in league play are going to continue.

That all being said, strange things can happen around Halloween.

Terry Lambert: Tennessee 20, Kentucky 17

(Season record: 6-1)

Going bold this week. Tennessee scores not one, but TWO offensive touchdowns in Lexington on Saturday night. As crazy as this may sound, I think the defense has actually been playing decently — they’ve just been stuck on the field because the offense can’t get a first down. I think that changes this Saturday, even without John Kelly. The Vols will be able to run the ball in this spot, ultimately inching out a win against the Wildcats in a close one.

Evan Winter: Tennessee 16, Kentucky 10

(Season record: 6-1)

I can't even put into words how important it is for Tennessee to win this game. Butch Jones's job is on life support, the season is on life support, and some of your most dedicated fans' patience is about done and gone as well.

On paper, this seems pretty simple. Kentucky, like Tennessee, is mediocre on both offense and defense. Even without John Kelly, the Vols should be able to finally score a friggin' touchdown after what seems like an eternity without one.

The weather will probably make this game even more sloppy than what is already anticipated, but Tennessee should avoid losing their fifth straight game of the season this weekend in Lexington.