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Report: Tennessee has offered Jon Gruden 10 Million per year; Other candidates named

Grumor season.

New Orleans Saints v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Y’all know how this goes by now. If there’s a potential opening at Tennessee, Jon Gruden is going to be the first name to be brought up. There’s already been plenty of rumblings. I’ve (half jokingly) kept up with them on our Grumor tracker.

But I knew this day was coming. We’ve got our first real, live report from a respected outlet.

Oliver Connolly of SEC Country and Cox Media is reporting that Tennessee has in fact already offered Jon Gruden over 10 million per year. Here’s the snippet.

Sources have confirmed to The Read Optional reports from elsewhere that Tennessee has offered over $10 million a year to Jon Gruden. The rest of the name’s on the school’s list currently matches Florida’s — Tennessee’s list also includes Gary Patterson (TCU), Bobby Petrino (Louisville) and Jeff Brohm (Purdue).

Take the Gruden note with a grain of salt. He kind of feels like bigfoot at this point.

I was more interested in the other names listed. Patterson is a name that we’ve heard for years, but I’ve never really felt like he was serious about moving on. By now you know about Brohm — who is 3-5 in his first year at Purdue. Petrino is a proven winner, but can you hitch your future to him? His Louisville team has fallen apart on him this year, too.

We’ve really tried to not get ahead of ourselves here, but change is coming. It’s just a matter of when.

Do any of these names interest you?