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Tennessee Recruiting: Top Commits Reaffirm Commitments on Twitter

This was odd.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Just as Jatavious Harris announced that he was “opening things up” (but not decommitting), something weird happened on Twitter. Tennessee commits reassured everyone that they were still committed to Tennessee. Butch Jones retweeted all of them.

Dorian Gerald and Brent Lawless were the first to post their “committed” pictures. Then several others followed. Over the course of the afternoon, you saw others do the same.

There were more, but you get it.

This was obviously an orchestrated act. It seemed like some sort of attempt to unify or reset. The most interesting one was that of Jaycee Horn, who received an offer from Clemson yesterday.

Butch talked all summer long about how much momentum the program had. He was right at the time. Jones and his staff assembled a 6th ranked class before training camp started. As we know, that momentum has gone down the tubes now.

What did you make of this little stunt? To me, it felt a little desperate. With the reopening of Harris and rumors swirling about others, the timing is certainly interesting.