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Tennessee Recruiting: Top Safety Brendon Harris Re-opens Recruitment

This is getting ugly.

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Tennessee Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve been saying that things are going to get a lot worse for Tennessee before they get better. This week, the consequences of poor on the field play and rumors swirling about Butch Jones’ future have spilled over onto the recruiting side.

Remember that No. 6 ranked recruiting class Butch had assembled over the summer? It’s starting to crumble. Rumors were all over the place yesterday. Today, big time safety commit Brendon Harris was one of the first to decommit.

Harris committed to Tennessee during the summer and is considered to be a four star prospect. Harris is the second to “re-open” his recruitment, following Jatavious Harris yesterday.

One key point in keeping Butch Jones around was the argument of his top ranked 2018 recruiting class. These kids know what’s developing, though. They’re jumping off in season and giving themselves plenty of opportunities to visit elsewhere. Who can blame them?

If Jones has this class fall apart, what is the point of keeping him around? That’s a tough sell to a fanbase who is once again starving for success.

We wrote this morning about how the new early signing period will factor into this. It’s something John Currie has to consider. He has a chance to get out in front of things here, but he doesn’t seem ready to move yet. I’m afraid you’ll see others follow Harris’ lead soon.