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Report: Tennessee’s Darrell Taylor, Trey Smith involved in Practice Fight

More drama.

Georgia Tech v Tennessee Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Jimmy Hyams has finally given us some reporting to go along with the rumors. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of chatter on this — and other stuff by now. There’s been talk of a fight all week long, now Hyams is confirming that noise.

Here’s the tweet-storm that Hyams sent out this afternoon.

Of course all this comes after the rumors of Shy Tuttle and Nigel Warrior fighting. Butch Jones told the media that Tuttle fell on a helmet, then went off on the media claiming fake news.

This is the second strike for Taylor this week, who was ejected from the Georgia game for fighting. He’s expected to miss the first half of next week’s game against South Carolina, but Tennessee is expected to appeal that, per Hyams.

Jayson Swain has been telling us about the fight this week, but left out the details.

So that’s what we know at this point. It wasn’t a normal practice scrum. It ended with a cleat to the face of Trey Smith. Things are going terribly on the football field, then this. Thankfully, Smith isn’t expected to miss any time.