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LOOK: Colts unveil Peyton Manning statue at Lucas Oil Stadium

A nice way to honor the sheriff.

Tennessee v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts honored former Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning today at Lucas Oil Stadium. The future hall of famer now has a statue in front of the house that he built. Check out some of the scenes from today.

Manning was drafted first overall in 1998 after 4 seasons in Knoxville. He spent 14 season with the Colts, leading them to a Super Bowl win before heading west to join the Denver Broncos. If you look closely you can see Roger Goodell, Tony Dungy, Bill Polian and Jeff Saturday on hand for the celebration.

Everyone is waiting to see what Peyton’s next move is. He’s been rumored to be running for senate. He’s been connected to plenty of TV gigs. Right now, he seems perfectly content with sitting on the sidelines and being an ambassador for the Tennessee football program. That’s just fine with us.